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De atracción en atracción

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The fact that today is the last day in August does not mean that summer ends here, because we can make the most of the time left right up until the last minute, especially with children at home who want to continue having fun before they have to go back to school. Madrid offers a variety of options for leisure activities, but without a doubt there are three that stand out as the best plan for families and children.


       Parque de Atracciones: this amusement park is one of the most entertaining and fun parks that can usually be found in a city. Since its renovation, it has become a magical park that has retained the charm of older parks but with more up-to-date and interesting rides. Without a doubt it is the perfect option to spend a wonderful day in Madrid itself since the park is located in an unbeatable environment surrounded by nature: Casa de Campo.

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       Parque Warner: since its installation in Madrid, this amusement park has become a favorite of children. The renowned cartoon factory made the right choice in establishing its amusement park in Spain and, in addition to the usual rides, each year we are also able to enjoy new shows and surprises from our most well-loved characters, such as Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird, or the Tasmanian Devil, classics for everyone, but also superheroes like Batman, Robin and Superman.

       The Madrid Zoo: although this park does not have any specific rides, each and every one of the animals that can be found at the Madrid zoo are in themselves a unique experience. This unique, well-cared for, clean and organized zoo is designed so that both children and adults are able to enjoy and visit the animals that inhabit our world, while respecting their natural habitat with utmost care.

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