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Fútbol y hoteles: la Selección Española

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Soccer and hotels: the Spanish national team

During the month of June and part of July this year most of us will have one eye (and some of us both) on the 2016 European Soccer Championship, an essential event for all soccer fans and even those who aren’t fans, because whenever the Spanish national team plays, we all get caught up in the excitement.

A full month where we will adjust our schedules to be able to watch the games (and this year we won’t have to stay up all night or get up early, since they are playing in France), and during this time we will be able to find out all kinds of information about the national team and the championship itself.

One detail that is always of interest to people is the hotel chosen for the team. A hotel always needs to fulfill many requirements in order for guests to be comfortable, but when you’re talking about providing accommodation for athletes, the demands and requirements are not only greater but also quite different.

The location of the hotel chosen by the Spanish national soccer team for this 2016 European Championship in France is unbeatable, the Isle of Rhé, a small paradise in the Atlantic, with a mild climate and plenty of light, which offers our players what they value most: peace and quiet, privacy and a space to concentrate.

This is and should be the most important goal of any hotel that houses a group of athletes at a time like this. In addition, during their stay, the routines established will be essential and the hotel must be prepared to meet the needs of the players and the coaching staff with regard to meals or a place to receive physical therapy after each practice or match, such as the physical therapy and massage services that you could find at our own hotel.

Without a doubt, a “sports” hotel must be completely prepared to meet these expectations.

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