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La Puerta del Sol “caza” Pokémons

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In a little less than one month the small but lively Pokémon characters have once again taken over our leisure time (we say once again because although it is something new for many of those who are playing with them now, the reality is that Pokémon is a legendary game from this Japanese company). However, this time the great creators of Nintendo have taken it a step further and have even brought these characters to our cell phones as well as to every corner of our streets, houses, offices or anywhere that we may be. The phenomenon is so remarkable that it is even affecting other areas, such as driving (careful with this one, playing the game is great, but you have to do so responsibly), but moving on to the more positive side, this phenomenon has reached Madrid and in a special way for us here at Hotel Europa.

At 7:00 p.m. last Thursday, July 28th (less than a week ago), once again right in front of our hotel at Puerta del Sol, we experienced a true “invasion” thanks to the meetup that took place where more than 5,000 people gathered for the sole purpose of hunting these Japanese characters that are so representative of the saga and “giving it their all” with Pokémon Go.

The meetup exceeded all expectations, to such an extent that the location had to be changed in order to accommodate everyone that registered, which in just a few days reached more than three thousand people. The meetup was originally scheduled to take place in El Retiro, but was changed to Puerta del Sol, a location that is much more used to holding these type of events and meetups. Cell phone coverage was another factor that led to the change in location, since coverage needs to be working perfectly in order to catch Pokémon.

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