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Vacaciones en Septiembre

By | 7 September, 2016 | 0 comments

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For those that think summer reaches its end when August 31st appears on our calendar, we are pleased to give you the good news that this is not the case. It is the beginning of one of the most pleasant months to travel, to take that getaway you have planned and, above all, visit cities like Madrid that begin to get back to normal with a variety of leisure and cultural offerings for all tastes.

Traveling in September is without a doubt a unique opportunity for everyone. September leaves behind the intense heat of the previous months of July and August, but still has very pleasant temperatures to enjoy long walks, visit museums that go back to their normal calendar with new expositions, or to end the day on a terrace enjoying the breeze and good conversation and company.

In September the great summer rush of visitors has ended, everything is calmer, “more normal” and enjoying a few days off during this time can really be something special. We find that it is increasingly more frequent for people to prefer endure working a bit more during the summer and delay their summer vacation until September. But why is this? Because for some, the wait is worth the effort.

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And no less so in Madrid. The city recovers its daily routine, but always attentive to its visitors to show them its best side. If you are thinking about traveling in September, don’t hesitate to make your reservation: there is less traffic on the roads if you decide to go by car, the trains are not as packed (Madrid is connected by high-speed rail to numerous points across Spain in very few hours) and our hotel, as always, is prepared to receive any visitors that decide to plan a getaway during this time, because there is still some summer left!

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