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Pistas de patinaje sobre hielo en Madrid

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The holidays are a unique and magical time of year. We shop, dance, dine, spend time with family there are innumerable leisure activities to enjoy. One of the most intense, adrenaline-charged activities is ice skating.

Each holiday season from December until January, Madrid prepares itself so that its visitors, new and old, can enjoy this spectacular sport to the fullest.

The following are some of the best rinks in the city, choose which one you like best. Lace up your skates, put on your gloves and show off your skills on the ice.

Callao. This traditional ice skating rink has its own charm. It is surrounded by traditional holiday stands, theatres and movie theatres. The best part is it’s free for the little ones.

Cibeles Palace. A 475 m² ice skating rink in a unique spot, the glass gallery in this emblematic building.

Leganés. It has one of the largest ice skating rinks in Madrid, measuring 1,450 m². At the Pabellón de Hielo you can ice skate freely, show off your skills and even take figure skating lessons.

Plaza de la Luna. Each year this ice skating rink is set up in the Santa María de Soledad Torres Acosta Square, next to Luna street. One of the rink’s attractions is an ice slide for children to enjoy. It measures 450 m² and is surrounded by a holiday market.

Plaza de Colón. This rink measures 540 m² and is distributed over two rinks, for children and adults. To the delight of visitors, the square is decked out in beautiful holiday decorations.

Vallecas. The Madrid Sur Shopping Centre opens its doors so that visitors can enjoy a unique experience on its ice skating rink.

Palacio de Hielo Dreams. This enormous ice skating rink located in the Palacio de Hielo Shopping Centre measuring 1,800 m² is extraordinary. You can take figure skating, hockey and curling lessons.

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