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Platos típicos de Madrid: chocolate con churros

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Churros madrileños

Oddly enough, in recent years, churros have become a global food trend. However, in Spain, and particularly in Madrid, churros are a well-established dish. Pure tradition.

Is there anything more authentic than a breakfast of churros with chocolate sauce? It is more than a dish, it’s a social event in and of itself. Churros with chocolate sauce takes us Madrilenians back to our youth, to those cold winter mornings when we craved something warm or afternoon snacks with our family and friends. Not to mention fairs, when we would eat them between rides or on holidays like New Year’s Eve and Epiphany.

Churros with chocolate sauce in the capital

As you can see, the act of eating churros with chocolate sauce is steeped in an array of personal feelings, memories and rituals. Madrid has cafés dating back one hundred years that are known for their churros with chocolate sauce and are authentic emblems of the city. These churrerías, as they are referred to here, have not only survived for decades, they have become stronger and remained active, secure in the knowledge that they have the support of all Madrilenians. The taste of their product forms part of the collective memory of the city and its inhabitants.

The city on the banks of the Manzanares has turned a humble fried dough into an unmissable element of its cuisine. Why? Because the combination works, it’s as simple as that! The sweetness and the intensity of the warm chocolate sauce complement the churro’s slightly salty flavor. In Madrid, churros are served in the traditional bow shape (typically referred to as churros madrileños in the rest of Spain) or a bit thicker, in which case they are called porras. The crust of the churros and its hollow interior create a crunchy yet fluffy texture which can be dunked in the chocolate sauce without losing their firmness.

The delicious result is addictive. Why not try for yourself at the Hotel’s café in the Puerta del Sol? Be careful, you may not be able to stop!

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  1. Madrileño says:

    Benditos chocolates con churros…. Sobre todo en invierno.

    Y todos los buenos productos que tenemos en Madrid

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