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Los Miserables, la mítica obra de Víctor Hugo en el Teatro Victoria

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You are walking through the streets of Paris in the middle of the 19th century, you feel the emotion of the revolution and peoples’ weariness about their miserable situation. The injustice and the desire to change the political panorama are pulsing through your veins. So many slaves, people who didn’t have a way to feed their children or young people with the strength needed to fight. You can’t say it doesn’t give you goosebumps! Right now, in Madrid you can once again enjoy this theatrical adaptation of Victor Hugo’s epic novel.

A great political and social symbol

The immortal work of Victor Hugo, which has been represented in musicals and by the theatrical arts so many times before, returns to the stages. Les Miserables is a legendary show that will never grow old because it offers us an exceptional assessment of the society of the time. In addition to today’s society.

The class distinctions and oppression of the 19th century did terrible damage in the history of society. It is a brand, an imprint on humanity that should not be repeated. It means we will not be oppressed by anyone. That change is achieved by fighting for it.

This show talks of defending those who have the least, of a man who was locked up for almost 20 years for stealing bread for his nephew and who, once he gets his life back on track, instead of seeking revenge decides to dedicate it to helping others.

The lyrics, words and expressions of these people who lost everything and who are not afraid to lose their freedom and continue to fight on the front lines, deserve to be seen time and time again.

Until June 23 you can see Les Miserables on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at the Teatro Victoria in Madrid. Tickets start at €15.

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