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Madrid’s 36th Festival de Otoño

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XXXVI Festival de Otoño

This year Madrid is recapturing the essence of its Festival de Otoño which, in this 36th edition, will once again be held on its traditional dates. The festival will be held from November 15th to December 2nd at different venues throughout the city. The goal of the festival is to bring viewers the performing arts in their various formats.

An event with major artists

If you decide to visit the city around these dates, you will have the opportunity to attend shows being directed by top international directors. Simon Stone, Krystian Lupa, Sergio Blanco, Joël Pommerat and Forced Entertainment, all with extensive international careers, are just a few.

Theater and dance will be the festival’s focus, however, there will also be performance art. All these shows will be staged at the best theaters, including the Teatros del Canal, the Teatro de la Abadía, the Corral in Alcalá de Henares and the Reina Sofía Museum, in addition to many other venues.

Stay in the center of Madrid so that everything is within reach.

If you decide to attend this wonderful festival or one of its parallel activities, such as workshops or creative spaces, a great option is to stay in the city center. Thanks to public transportation, you will be able to reach to all the festival’s main venues easily.

Moreover, from our excellent location in the Puerta del Sol, the city’s neurological center, you can visit places such as the Plaza Mayor, the Almudena Cathedral and the Royal Palace. If you plan to stop to eat, you can head to the Mercado de San Miguel to discover its many delicious options.

By staying in the center of Madrid, you will be able to enjoy the city comfortably, both in terms of tourism and to enjoy the 36th Festival de Otoño.

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