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Theater: Punishment Without Vengeance

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Lope de Vega, the celebrated Spanish writer, poet and playwright, is once again revived in Madrid’s theatres with a version of his classic tragedy Punishment Without Vengeance by Álvaro Tato, directed by Helena Pimenta.

The National Theatre Company brings us this new adaptation of the work of the “Phoenix of Wits”. The drama places us in the convulsive Ferrara (Italy) in the 15th century, where Count Federico maintains a loving relationship with his father’s young wife, Cassandra. His father, the Duke of Ferrara, upon learning this, imposes a harsh punishment on both of them, revealing a profound reflection on power, responsibility, love and desire. This is the central theme of Lope de Vega’s literary work during his last years.

The characters are wrapped in a web of lies, secrets and murmurs that promises to reveal the most intrinsic aspects of relationships. A true portrayal of the most tragic aspects of mankind, Punishment without Vengeance is a reflection on the frustration that Lope de Vega felt for society in the last years of his life. A reflection which remains valid in the 21st century.

Helena Pimenta, with this play, keeps Madrid’s long theatrical tradition alive and manages to explore the most intimate corners of tragedy through an intense journey to our deepest selves. The majestic work promises to surprise with its actors, production and costumes.

The play runs until February 9 at the famous Teatro de la Comedia in Barrio de las Letras. Tickets range from €6 to €25, depending on the location. The opening hours of the show are Tuesdays and Sundays at 19:00h. And Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 20:00h.

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