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Museum Day (DIM) 2019

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Día de los Museos (DIM) 2019

Like every year, May 18th is the International Museum Day. It was created by the International Council of Museums in 1977 to encourage culture and the role of museums in societal development. Last year, 40,000 museums in 158 countries participated in the event through special activities and free admission. This year, the theme will be “Museums as cultural axes: The future of traditions”.

The 2019 edition will focus on how museums have changed their role in society. Once considered unchanging institutions, museums today are reinventing themselves to adapt to a changing society. Museums are becoming more interactive and community-oriented. Many follow the principles of collection, conservation and exhibition. However, they have also transformed their practices to include more innovative ways of addressing contemporary social problems.

This interest in contemporary problems has made museums a fundamental tool for initiating dialogue between diverse cultures and, through art, building bridges between different societies. Museums have also served to redefine the future not only in relation to social interactions but also the protection of Planet Earth and its sustainability.

On this day each museum generates their own schedule of activities and in Madrid most museums offer free admission. Some of the venues you can visit for free on 18 or 19 May are: National Archaeological Museum, America Museum, Sorolla Museum, Costume Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, National Museum of Romanticism or National Museum of Decorative Arts. In addition, other museums such as Thyssen and Prado offer a selection of activities or open some of their exhibitions to the public.

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