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A different plan? Madrid Drive-In Cinema

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Autocine Madrid

Are you looking for a different and original plan? Madrid offers everything you are looking for. You can spend an afternoon reminiscing about the old days or travelling to a distant time in Europe’s largest drive-in cinema.

It has about 25,000 square metres, a 250 square metre screen and a state-of-the-art digital projector. The image on the screen is not affected by rain, so you can enjoy this experience also on rainy days.

The drive-in cinema has a capacity for 300 cars and for those who do not want to go by car you can watch the film from one of the 160 hammocks available in summer.

Do not worry about the movie sound system, it reaches clearly through the car radio and also through the cinema speakers. Movies without popcorn are not movies, so this establishment offers food service to your car, in addition to food trucks. To complete the American experience, the drive-in features a classic Diner offering everything from hamburgers to hot dogs.

Monday through Sunday, you can enjoy classic movies such as Grease or box-office premieres. In addition, from April on Saturdays and Sundays from 11-18h you can not only go to see a movie, but you can enjoy live music, lounge area and activities for children. It is a perfect plan to go with friends, family and even with small children.

The drive-in cinema is located very close to Paseo la Castellana on Isla de Java 2. From our hotel you can get there by taking the C3 suburban train right in Puerta del Sol.

Image: Autocine Madrid

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