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Meninas Madrid Gallery

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The main streets of Madrid will once again become a museum until November 30th with the second edition of the improvised Meninas Madrid Gallery, designed by Venezuelan Antonio Azzato. Antonio is passionate about art and design, a provocateur of change. He considers artistic activity as something that transcends beyond a style or trend, so he decided to create the Meninas Madrid Gallery.

Meninas Madrid Gallery is a unique project where a modern reinterpretation of Velázquez’s Meninas is designed by different artists. These are displayed in the outdoors on different streets of Madrid. This project seeks to boost new artists and give visibility and prestige to others who are not necessarily involved in the art world. It also supports freedom of expression and multiculturalism.

This edition includes more than 50 meninas, each 1.89 meters high. Some were created by public and famous figures such as María Pombo, Quique Dacosta, Rosana, Rafael Nadal, Samantha Vallejo-Nájera, Dani Rovira, Ouka Leele, among others. Some of the statues follow current trends, such as the menina next to the Royal Palace celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Friends series or the menina following the latest fashion. All of them are made of fibreglass and weigh around 30 kilos each, but no two meninas are the same.

In addition to visual art, technology is not far behind in this street exhibition. Each menina has a QR code that allows to see the explanation of the piece’s concept with any mobile phone. Each work will be auctioned to support NGOs such as the Rafael Nadal Foundation and the Querer, Aladina, Ochotumbao, Lukas, Alain Afflelou and Transexualia Foundations.

If you want a map of where each one is located, you can access it here. Take the opportunity not only to discover where Velázquez’s Meninas are located but also to enjoy

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