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El Gay Pride 2016 llegó a la Puerta del Sol

By | 6 July, 2016 | 0 comments

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Just like every year, the already famous and highly-acclaimed Gay Pride 2016, one of the most important LGBT pride events in the world where each year more than 2 million people fill the city streets, took place during the last weekend of June and the beginning of July. As in the past, a variety of different events and performances took place on various stages throughout Madrid, including amazing performances by Chenoa and Marta Sánchez, among other important artists.

The big difference this year was the new location, where for the first time performances were given at Puerta del Sol, just a few meters from our hotel. The most representative concerts as well as other events held as part of the celebration, including the opening ceremony (inaugural event), used this central square as a home base and attempted to find and provide a balance for everyone, both for those partying during the celebrations and for those who also wanted to rest and enjoy a relaxing weekend.

During the celebration, the city once again worked really hard to ensure its success, along with the international press which always gives superb coverage of our city whatever the event may be. A weekend full of festivities and color for everyone that wanted to celebrate their freedom, where they were able to choose from among various outdoor concerts spread out over 7 stages set up at several strategic points throughout the city with 25 different parties (something for everyone at a variety of times), reaching a total of 154 concerts, a number that is more typical of a large festival, including 106 cultural activities for all ages (including children), sports events and a Food Festival.

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