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¡Renovamos imagen corporativa!

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Changing a logo is always an important step for every company, and even more so if it is an established brand with a history, but there are times where updating and redesigning the corporate identity is necessary to provide a new outlook and motivation to continue with the good work and growth.


This is what we believed here at the hotel when a few months ago we decided it was time to work on our brand and got ready to start at the beginning: change the main piece that expresses who we are, what we do, our values and the company’s mission, all of which is represented by our logo. After many years under the same identity, the time arrived to be brave and to embark on this change, because any change, even if it is for the better, is not always easy and involves overcoming any attachment and affection that one may have towards a trademark that has been with the company for so long, as well as not being afraid of the new change.

Logotipo Hotel Europa-03

We therefore set off on this path with confidence towards what we now are able to proudly present as our new logo, leading a change in image of a strong brand. This is the result of a long journey of working on, designing, creating and conceptualizing everything that Hotel Europa represents in order to finally be able to capture and transmit it through a font and image that we hope will be with us for a considerable amount of time and will accompany us in future triumphs and our customers’ stays at the hotel.

The new logo, as you would expect since it is what most identifies us, includes the Puerta del Sol and its symbolic clock, as we are the only hotel located in the square itself. What do you think?

Logotipo Hotel Europa-02


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