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Ruta de shopping I: Gran Vía y Callao

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If it is something that Madrid is known for, in addition to its museums and cultural spaces, it is without a doubt the wide diversity of stores and shopping routes for all tastes and styles. Our city, the capital, is able to gather together the best in just a few blocks, with unique stores that are able to offer something special. Certain neighborhoods, areas or spaces have become highly specialized in terms of style and have turned into the best areas to go shopping each season. Where to begin? Anywhere would be good, but as always, beginning at “home” is a great option, so let’s get to know the shopping routes in the city center.

Our hotel is located in the middle of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, among some of the streets that are most well known for their shopping. Both Callao and Gran Vía are known for having the widest variety of stores representing both Spanish and international fashion. These are stores that have a long history and that have lasted over the years despite economic ups and downs; other stores are newer, but offer the latest trends in clothing for women, men and children: shoes, accessories, etc., everything you could imagine.

Large stores with international fashion are established every year in really special spaces where every millimeter is used to receive thousands of visitors and customers, turning our city into key point on any international shopping route. Zara, H&M (or the latest to appear, but arriving in a big way, Primark) are just around the corner waiting to show you their new arrivals. Luxury brands, such as Loewe, also have stores with history on the mythical Gran Vía. Nike, Aristocrazy or even Corte Inglés are some of the stores that complete this important shopping route on Callao and Gran Vía.

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