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Madrid, hasta en verano, es un no parar

By | 24 August, 2016 | 0 comments

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Someone who has never been to Madrid in the summer may think it’s a city that completely shuts down, with no entertainment and nothing to do but leave and go somewhere else. But actually this is not the case at all, as those who decide to stay in the city summer after summer are well aware, and we discovered that in Madrid, and even more so in the summer, there is always something to do.

In addition to the usual museum routes (the Prado, Reina Sofía and other large and well-known museums) for all interests and for any audience, the wide variety of shopping routes that we have, and the various activities that are always available throughout the year and in the summer (theater, musicals, open-air movie theaters, markets, etc.), in addition to all this, if you come to Madrid in the summer you can also:

–     Take a trip to the countryside: because Madrid is not only the city center, but is also a region that has many unique spots that you do not want to miss. You can even reach well-known locations such as Toledo, Aranjuez or the mountains of Madrid (Cercedilla, Navacerrada, etc.) in very little time using public transportation, which is perfect to go there, enjoy the day and head back to the city to sleep.

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–     Try a variety of foods: in addition to tasting the local dishes of Madrid (who would want to miss Madrid’s traditional stew, cocido madrileño, even if it is summer?), you also have a wide range of possibilities for trying food from everywhere in the world. They say that from right here you could go around the world without leaving the city thanks to the numerous specialized and diverse restaurants.

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–      Rediscover Madrid: because it is really important to keep up to date with everything that goes on, and a lot more is going on in Madrid than you may know about. The secrets of the city are unique and you don’t want to miss them.

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