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El Tiovivo más antiguo de Madrid

By | 22 September, 2016 | 0 comments

Tiovivo del Parque de Atracciones

Around, around and around again, turning so that it seems to guide your fate towards the most rustic and desired dreams. These dreams that we all wish for and desire as children, the same children that enjoy wooden horses decorated with the most beautiful paintings and drawings that come from long ago when this carousel, which is still going round and round, was built in France in 1927.

Madrid still preserves one of these gems, gems that are not measured by their potential economic worth, but rather for what they are, for what they represent and, without a doubt, for what they offer to visitors. The carousel at the Madrid amusement park is one of these living examples, full of history in every nut and bolt, and with every rise and fall of its parts.

The carousel left France where it was created in the 1920s, with its Art Deco style that was very typical for the era, and traveled to numerous fairs all over Spain until it traded in its life as a traveling exhibition in 1969 for its current noble and stable location at the Madrid amusement park. It was acquired by a fair at the time and from this moment on, already known as the “La Zarzuela” carousel, began to establish its own history with thousands and thousands of children that came to ride and enjoy the attraction. But why was it called La Zarzuela? The reason of course is because of its “older brother”, the Madrid horse racing track that has the same name.

This moving work of art is now completely protected thanks to the pavilion built in 1996 to avoid weather-related damage and, years later in 2011, underwent another complete renovation without ever losing the wonderful small details that make up its central hand-painted walls that protect the gears, and on which mirrors are hung that make it even more beautiful and fun for everyone.

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