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Platos típicos de Madrid (I): cocido madrileño

By | 2 November, 2016 | 1 comment

Cocido madrileño

Now that the summer is drawing to a close and autumn is upon us, in addition to changing our wardrobe, we are also in the mood to switch up our food. With the cold, our appetite returns and we need food with more calories to comfort us.

As a result, we thought that, seeing as these days eating and eating well is more fashionable than ever, you would enjoy hearing a bit more from us about Madrid’s typical dishes. So, since we also love to eat and enjoy delicious dishes, we are beginning a series on traditional regional dishes to encourage you to prepare them or, better yet, come to Madrid to try them here.

And what better way to begin than with the classic and delicious stew we are most famous for: Cocido Madrileño

It is our most traditional dish, known the world over and which each year, no matter what time of the year you visit, more and more continue to be served at our restaurants. While it is true that one craves it much more in the fall and winter, any time is a good time to try it.

It has many ingredients which, together, give this dish a unique and special taste. It is prepared slowly, the more the pot gurgles on low heat, the better! Hours and hours of cooking with great care result in a white broth which will soothe anyone, flavorful meat which melts in your mouth and one of a kind vegetables. Chickpeas, greens, chicken, veal, pork, ham…are all included in a good cocido.

How do you eat it? In steps, stages and moments. First the broth, then the vegetables and then the meat. A real delicacy.

Image | (CC) Krista en Flickr

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