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¿Sientes escalofríos?… Halloween está aquí

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We are just a few days away from feeling the chills run down our backs as we experience the terror of the “Night of Witches”. The city of Madrid, which has joined in the festivities for several years running, is preparing to go all out for Halloween.

If you love this holiday and like to celebrate it to its fullest, the Spanish capital offers a wide variety of options for you to enjoy it with your family and friends.

Guided Tour: In the evening, you can listen to the “voices from beyond” and take part in the guided tour “The Night of the Spirits” where you will be led through the streets of Madrid as you are told hair-raising stories.

The House of Horrors: Discover the most frightening house in Spain located in Aranjuez. Inside, where time screeches to a halt, you will experience terror like never before.

Pumpkins just the way you like: You can decorate pumpkins in your own style, either following instructions on YouTube or attending the workshop at the Pabellón de Cristal in Casa del Campo Park.

Esos Locos Fantasmas (Those Crazy Ghosts): The Pequeño Teatro de Gran Vía presents this family-friendly musical about ghosts. It tells the story of a girl who hides in an old theatre and runs into the ghosts of the characters abandoned by the actors.

Costume Party: “Madrid Movie” will be the Plaza del Sol’s center of terror with spectacular costumes. The challenge will be to rescue the lost souls wandering the city and reintegrate them into society.

A stroll through catacombs: The little ones will enjoy a complex themed as the Roman Empire 25 miles from Madrid. The game entails finding the superstitions and conquering your fears.

Amusement Park: Have an unforgettable and petrifying adventure at Parque Warner with special shows for adults and children.

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