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Lo sano y natural, vuelve a Madrid: Biocultura 2016

By | 16 November, 2016 | 0 comments

Biocultura Madrid

Once again, the most important international event for the natural, ecological and organic industry is disembarking in our city, specifically, at the IFEMA Conference Center. Naturally, we are referring to the BioCultura fair. The best place to discover the way to change your life from the inside, but also taking care of the outside in a responsible, healthy and conscious way.

A movement which seemingly came out of nowhere, although nothing could be farther from the truth, eating wisely, healthily and in a way that, not only does not damage our body, but in fact helps us to feel better, is spreading and becoming increasingly common among society. A movement in which Madrid is an active participant. There is no lack of ecological markets every Sunday, organic farmer’s markets…All of which have been brought together in a single event from November 10th to 13th in this exposition, which is gaining more and more devotees and visits from both professionals and individuals, who it motivates to take the next step in their personal growth.

Food which is ecological and healthy, body care, programs to help you learn to eat better, sustainable cleaning products for the ecosystem which are free of chemicals harmful to our bodies…Everything, if it’s healthy, will be at this event. Furthermore, the fair always includes a full schedule of conferences, gatherings and activities for adults, as well as children, where people can discover and learn that we can treat ourselves better, that we can take better care of ourselves healthwise and, thus, gain energy, vitality and even be happier with less and that the outside, everything else, will be fine if we are healthy and balanced.

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