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Madrid tendrá “buena pinta”

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As the years pass, and we use things over and over again, they deteriorate and sometimes, it’s not pleasant to contemplate. As a result, they must be changed or repaired.

A city like Madrid, impressive and magnificent compared to other European cities, where admirable real life experiences are shaped, which contains centuries of history in every corner, which has more than six million rooms and which welcomes thousands of tourists, deserves to look its best.

The Madrid City Council understands this and, therefore, in light of the need, during the last months of the year, it will launch a plan to repair the roadways and sidewalks of 500 streets distributed throughout all of the capital’s districts. City Hall has reported that its goal is to “mitigate the city’s deterioration resulting from years of inadequate conservation.”

Thanks to this initiative, you will be able to walk and even run in heels without worrying about slipping or falling; exercise or got out to get a bit of fresh air at night and enjoy well-lit areas. The new roadways, sidewalks and pavement will offer pedestrians comfort and safety. It will be easier to access the bus stations and, if you choose to travel by car, you’ll also be guaranteed peace of mind.

If everything goes as expected and planned, at the beginning of next year, we will have shiny streets and sidewalks, manufactured with organic, environmentally friendly material. Something which is very valuable given the current state of our planet.

From our hotel in the heart of Madrid, you can start your next route to discover the city’s heritage and enjoy a safe and comfortable walk against an enchanting backdrop.

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