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Típicos planes para el Puente de Diciembre en Madrid

By | 7 December, 2016 | 0 comments

Planes para el puente de Diciembre

One of the most special and commemorative holidays is just around the corner, Constitution Day weekend — we all eagerly await it —, better known as the long weekend in December.

It is a great opportunity for a well-deserved rest just before the most beautiful time of year, the holiday season. It’s a wonderful time to plan a quick getaway to Madrid and enjoy the pre-holiday ambience which already permeates the city.

In this post we will give you a few suggestions to usher in the month and enjoy the best cultural and leisure activities the holidays have to offer

1) Open Days In celebration of Constitution Day, it has become quite common to visit the Senate and the Congress of Deputies and enjoy these buildings full of history. Each institution has specific activities and they are free.

2) Christmas lights in the center of Madrid A great idea for the whole family is to take a stroll through the city center and enjoy the beautiful and traditional holiday lights which light up the Madrid sky beginning at the end of November.

3) Traditional markets It’s the season for preparing to celebrate the holidays in style, which merits decorating your home and buying gifts. In the city around this time it is quite common to see traditional markets which offer a wide variety of holiday products and ideas for the perfect gifts. The best-known markets are located in Plaza Mayor, Plaza de España and Plaza de Jacinto Benavente.

4) Crèches in Madrid Right now you can visit the most popular crèches in the city. One of the most spectacular crèches contains more than 500 pieces and is traditionally installed by the Region of Madrid in Puerta de Sol. To avoid the lines, we recommend you visit first thing in the morning. You can also follow the tour to the crèche at the Convento de las Carboneras, the church of San Ginés, the municipal crèche at the Casa de la Villa, and many more.

5) Tapas They are the best-known appetizers in the Spanish vocabulary. It is customary to go out and stroll through the historic district to discover century-old tapas bars. The neighborhoods around Sol, La Latina and Madrid de los Asturias and the surrounding streets are the best spots to savor holiday snacks.


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