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Madrid, simplemente… Madrid

By | 30 November, 2016 | 0 comments


Every Wednesday we delve deeper into this blog to discover a bit more of what our city, our magnificent city, has to offer us. We discuss entertainment plans, cultural experiences, shopping or parks and nature, of which there is quite a bit in our region. We always try to follow the latest trends and imagine what you would like to see when you visit us and we join in the foodie phenomenon to talk about delicious food. Today, however, on the last Wednesday in November, as we bid farewell to this wonderful month, we’ll talk about nothing more and nothing less than Madrid. We are simply going to talk about Madrid.

Because Madrid is so many things and offers so much. Because those of us who come from elsewhere, are welcomed as if we have lived here our entire lives. Madrid is invigorating and invigorates. It is a dream and it builds dreams. It creates expectations because, in reality, it can fulfill them and it does so in style. Moreover, it teaches us something on every corner, at every crossroads. It is an enchanting city – some of its secrets have been unearthed and others await discovery. Because everyone who comes to Madrid, undoubtedly, in addition to visiting and getting to know what was until that point unknown, will also discover a part of themself. This is what big cities and magical spaces do.

Madrid will show you who you are and what the world can give you. It is a city open to everyone, in which your likes and the likes of others not only fit, they are also well received and held up as an example. There is room for fun, learning, self-discovery and, of course, a trampoline to reach as high as you wish.

Theater, museums, famous streets, iconic restaurants, fabulous hotels, enchanting parks…Madrid has all of this and you will discover it but no matter how many times you come, there will always, always be something more.

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