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El Palacio de Gaviria estrena su sala de exposiciones con Escher

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Escher en Madrid

The Gaviria Palace is launching a new space devoted to culture and art with an exhibition for fans of surrealism and the imagination of artists. The show is dedicated to Maurits Cornelis Escher (Netherlands, 1898-1972) known for his woodcuts and mezzotints, in addition to his drawings of impossible figures and tessellations.

The inauguration of the Escher exhibition is set for today February 1, 2017 and will be open to visitors until June. The Gaviria Palace is a 19th-century building located on calle Arenal in Madrid, just a few minutes’ walk from our hotel. The palace was built by the architect Aníbal Álvarez Bouquel for the banker Manuel Gaviria y Douza, Marquis of Gaviria, considered one of the most luxurious of its time in Madrid, following Roman models and neoclassical influences, in the style of renaissance Italian palaces.

There is nothing finer than enjoying an exhibition in a building declared a site of cultural interest. The selection on display organized by Arthemisia Group of Madrid hall will feature 200 of the Dutch artist’s pieces, including Relativity, Belvedere and Hand with Reflecting Sphere. To date, the exhibition has been viewed by more than 700,000 visitors internationally.

The selection enables visitors to gain a broader understanding of Escher, an artist who over the course of his career specialized in engravings and whose work has had an impact on collective culture for decades. The exhibition includes scientific experiments, games areas and educational resources helping visitors of all ages understand his impossible perspectives, puzzling imagery and seemingly irreconcilable worlds, brought together to add a unique dimension to art.

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