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La gastronomía oriental triunfa en el nuevo mercado de Madrid

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Do you like sushi or ramen but are tired of inauthentic Asian food from the large supermarket chains? Then pay attention, because this will interest you. Let us introduce you to Yatai Market, the Asian street food market which is already revolutionizing the city of Madrid.

Since January 17th, all Asian food lovers have a pending date at Calle Dr. Cortezo, 10 (between the Tirso de Molina and Sol Metro stations). Curry, pad thai, kimchee, tempura, bao… an endless array of traditional dishes from the Far East available to anyone. Food from Singapore, China, Japan, Vietnam… As you can see, a genuine selection of cuisines which are as appealing as they are exotic.

Yatai Market is comprised of various stands. You can buy a little here and a little there and then sit at the central tables to peacefully savor the amazing dishes which the various chefs have prepared with all the Asian skill you can imagine. Are noodles or pad thai your thing? Then you have to try the Funky Chicken stand. Do you prefer bao or dim sum? Then your spot is HotBao. Japanese yakitori? Head to Yaki San. As you can see, the market has everything! It even has fusion food which is so popular these days. The Asia Cañí stand serves diverse dishes such as a pork rind and pickled mussels roll. If you think that is too risky” for your palate, don’t worry, the menu also includes traditional food.

Price? For anyone’s budget. You can get bao for just over €3 or fixed menus for €10. You no longer have an excuse not to try Asian food! Remember, in downtown Madrid, starting a midday, you have an opportunity to eat as if you were in Asia.

Photo: Tony Gladvin George (flickr)

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