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Descubre un Madrid de época, el Madrid de las luces de Carlos III

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Today, 300 years after the birth of King Charles III, no Madrilenian questions the notion that he was the monarch who made our beloved city what it is today. An enlightened monarch of the 18th century, he was interested not only in governing, but also in the arts and sciences.

All of this and much more is on display in the exhibit Charles III and the Madrid of the Enlightenment at the Museum of History in downtown Madrid (Calle Fuencarral, 78 until April 29th. Why not spend an afternoon at the museum before enjoying an evening in the Malasaña neighborhood where the museum is located?

The display, which is free, presents four of the most interesting developments in the city thanks to Charles III who, to this day, is still considered “the best mayor of Madrid”. The exhibit features works on loan from the Prado Museum, the National Museum of Natural Sciences and the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts, among others.

Are you one of the people who buys figurines in the Plaza Mayor at Christmas time? Thank Charles III as well. Why? Because visitors will be able to see how nativity scenes have changed since the time of Charles III (at the exhibit you will find a Neapolitan crèche of the time in the “The culture of the Enlightenment” room) and how the city was spruced up during his reign. Before leaving the museum, you will have the opportunity to learn about the daily life of ordinary people in the city of Madrid in the “Living and dying in Madrid” section.

A fabulous gift for the best mayor of Madrid’s 300th birthday!

Photo: M a n u e l (flickr)

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