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Las “Cuatro estaciones”, como nunca las has vivido, en la Plaza Mayor

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Cuatro Estaciones Plaza Mayor

It’s no surprise that Madrid’s Plaza Mayor is celebrating its 400th birthday. What is a surprise, for locals and those fortunate enough to be in the city between June 15th and 18th, is the Four Seasons celebration, an event which won’t disappoint anyone who loves art or simply loves beauty which comes from the union of the human mind and nature.

Coinciding with each of the Four Seasons, over the four days mentioned, four famous and innovative artists will perform in the Plaza Mayor, converting it into an artistic playground in order to attract a diverse audience to the emblematic plaza in celebration of its 400th birthday. How will the Plaza Mayor be transformed? That’s easy, the balconies, arches, alleys and porticos will represent each season from a contemporary perspective, while transporting visitors back to the famous festivals of the 17th century court.

Through this artistic adaptation, people who visit the Plaza will have a unique entertaining and festive experience while participating in a high quality contemporary performance. Passers-by will be able to take part in an activity based on interaction, combining new technology and installations to encourage surprising and unexpected events which help to create a link between public spaces and people, as well as unforgettable memories associated with the Plaza Mayor.

If you are intrigued by this magical event, it’s best you come to Madrid to experience it in person.

Photo: Natt Muangsiri (Flickr)

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