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El Teatro Price presenta dos días de pura magia Disney

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El Teatro Price presenta dos días de pura magia Disney

There are few people in the world who didn’t have the joy of watching Disney movies as children or get to watch their children enjoy them. There aren’t many opportunities to conjure all of the images from Disney’s filmography at one time other than by holding a movie marathon or visiting Disneyland. However, we are going to give you another option: an alternative plan which will delight more than one person in the house and that is the Disney in Concert: Un Viaje por el Mundo [A trip around the world] show.

Do you remember the movie Fantasia, the Disney musical? Now imagine you are in a movie theater, but instead of a big screen there is a symphonic orchestra and a set list which includes the soundtracks of Fantasia and many other animated and live-action movies which are still etched in our minds. Those lucky enough to attend the concert will be swept away during the Orquesta de la Escuela de Música Reina Sofía’s 90-minute performance which will be accompanied by images from the movies projected in high-definition.

Madrid’s Teatro Circo Price was selected as the venue for the concert of which there will be a total of four performances, one at 7:00 PM and another at 9:30 PM, over two days, June 22nd and 23rd 2017. Those who love Disney movies and music will have the unforgettable opportunity to enjoy hits from movies such as Beauty and the Beast — which is all the rage on the heels of the live-action adaptation starring Emma Watson —, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Pirates of the Caribbean and Frozen — the most recent computer-animated success — as well as Moana.

Image (C) Disney in Concert: Un viaje por el mundo

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