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De compras por el centro de Madrid

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De compras por el centro

Tourists are increasingly choosing to travel to Madrid to enjoy an afternoon shopping in the city’s downtown area. Low prices, quality products, convenient transportation and friendly storekeepers are some of the attractions which lead travelers to choose this metropolis as their shopping destination.

This trend is anything but odd give that, in a relatively small area, you can find all types of stores, from large shopping malls to more traditional establishments. In the former, shoppers will find an almost infinite assortment of products with the guarantee and formality offered by major brands. Whereas, in traditional shops, some of which first opened their doors over a century ago, variety is replaced by familiarity and personalized attention.

What types of traditional products can you buy in downtown Madrid?

During an afternoon shopping spree in the center of Madrid you’ll find products you’ll have trouble tracking down in other neighborhoods or cities. Walking through Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor and the vicinity, you’ll find an infinite collection of unique stores.

On calle Preciados, at the Sanatorio de Muñecos, the city’s oldest toy store, you’ll find classic toys from many different periods. For decades, the children of Madrid have taken their toys to the store’s workshop to be repaired by professionals.

In the Plaza de Canalejas, La Violeta, has maintained the aesthetic and ambiance of a store straight out of 19th century Madrid, oft described in Galdós’ works. As a relic of a time when very few could afford candies and sweets, its decoration is painstakingly detailed and similar to that of a jewelers. Its violets, purple, flower-shaped candies, have justifiably become a symbol of Madrid.

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