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Literatura en la Plaza Mayor: justas poéticas

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Don’t miss out! Between Friday, September 15th and Sunday the 17th, Madrid is going to be the stage for an entertaining and history-filled event. We’re talking about poetic jousts, a type of competition held in the 17th century to stimulate the creativity and verbal agility of the novice poets of the time. Originally the responsibility of Lope de Vega, poetic jousting returns to the capital as part of the commemoration of the 400th anniversary of the Plaza Mayor.                                             

Alongside the Eñe Festival, Madrid’s literary festival, this event, borne in the midst of the golden age of Spanish literature, will gather some of the most outstanding emerging poets, as well as other more renowned names in Spanish literature, in the Plaza Mayor. Over three days, three sessions are scheduled, all of which begin at 8:00 pm. Take note, the session are as follows:

From the poetic jousts of the 17th century into the “ring” of 21st century poetry:

Friday, September 17th. Session 1. Music and poetry: Carmen Linares vs. Luis García Montero Two of the finest artists in flamenco and poetry. Linares’ last album is dedicated to Miguel Hernández.

Saturday, September 18th. Session 2. Intergenerational poetry: Benjamín Prado vs. Elvira Sastre. Two poets from different generations, Prado (1961) and Sastre (1992), offer two complementary ways of interpreting poetry.

Sunday, September 19th. Session 3. Poetry in three voices: Ajo vs. Manuel Vilas vs. El Chojin Three very different forms of poetic expression. The young composer Ajo, with her sarcasm-laden micropoems, Manuel Vilas, with his irony directed towards day-to-day reality and El Chojin, the well-known hip hop activist and host of the Spanish television show Ritmo Urbano.

Three sessions over three days filled with literary creativity and ingenuity in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor.

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