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Tricicle celebra en Madrid sus 40 años sobre las tablas

By | 8 November, 2017 | 0 comments

Madrid Tricicle

Four decades are well deserving of a celebration. Madrid is the headquarters for the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of one of the most charismatic Spanish theater companies. Tricicle is celebrating this anniversary by revisiting the best comedies of its extensive career. Hits summarizes the success of its gestural humor and, according to the Catalan trio, is a way of saying “goodbye” to the road, but not to the theater.

Madrid, an exceptional witness

The Teatro de la Luz Phillips, located in the area around Puerta del Sol and the Gran Vía, will host the show which is set to remain in the capital until January 28, 2018 with shows from Wednesday to Sunday. We will applaud gags that are as current as they were years ago and a production the details of which we provide below:

  1. Audience choice. The skits composing this farewell compilation were selected through the group’s official website. Paco Mir, Carles Sans and Joan Gràcia showed one hundred of them on their website and Tricicle’s loyal fans voted for their favorites.
  2. Updated. These skits reflect how they were created years ago although, in some cases, we can see how technological improvements have been made, without affecting their original spirit.
  3. Alternative content. Hits also includes material from Tricicle’s latest creations which are perhaps less known because they have not yet been broadcast on TV.
  4. Surprise ending. The end result is a dizzying roundup of past numbers offered in short format, in addition to the twelve, longer skits, which act as the show’s central focus.

Those fortunate enough to have already laughed over Hits in Madrid highlight the jolt of energy you get from watching them work on the stage. The fact is, Tricicle’s humor that dazzled its first followers remains as relevant today as it was then.

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