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Excursiones desde Madrid: Ávila

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Excursión desde Madrid a Ávila

Madrid has many features that appeal to visitors. That said, the area surrounding the city has very interesting tourism options. If you are already familiar with the city, if you have a particular interest or if you’d simply like a change of scenery you may want to take advantage of these options. There is a plethora of cultural heritage in the surrounding cities. We suggest you visit Ávila.

Why Ávila?

Ávila is very close by and in practically no time you’ll be strolling about the city and getting to know the city center’s marvelous historic-artistic heritage, declared Heritage of Humanity:

– The walls of Ávila. With its 1.5 mile perimeter, eighty-eight towers and nine doors, it is the major symbol of the city. Take a walk around and feel their imposing strength.

– Religious architecture. Beginning with the impressive Salvador cathedral-fort, the innumerable religious buildings in Ávila are an artistic and architectural sight to be seen. Churches, chapels, shrines, convents and monasteries make Ávila a city which evokes meditation and devotion. It is no coincidence that it is the city of Saint Teresa of Ávila.

– Civil heritage. In addition to the walls mentioned earlier, don’t forget about city hall or the many stately palaces hidden among the city’s streets and plazas.

Of course, you must try Ávila’s delicious cuisine: its famous chuletón steak, Castilian soup, mashed revolcona potatoes and Saint Teresa’s yemas or egg yolks.

How can you get there?

Many tour operators offer transportation and guides who will show you around Ávila, but you can also go on your own. If you would like to drive, you can take the A-6 to the AP-51 (it is a one and a half hour trip).

You can also go by bus, but we think the most convenient option is the train. It leaves every hour and is quite comfortable. In addition, the Atocha train station connects to the Madrid metro’s line 1 which you can get right in front of the hotel in the Puerta del Sol. Nearby, quick and easy. Have a nice trip!

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