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Juan Gris y el esplendor del Cubismo, en el Museo Reina Sofía

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Madrid is a metropolis that offers residents and tourists alike many entertainment options, particularly when it comes to art. In 2018 the Museo Reina Sofía is exhibiting a cubist collection from the Telefónica Foundation curated by Eugenio Carmona which includes several works by the great masters of this movement.

This exhibit, which supports this plural conception of the cubist experience, in union with the cubist holdings at the Madrid museum, brings the work of Juan Gris to the fore in both the exhibition and the narrative. As an aside, we at the Hotel Europa feel a special affinity towards the painter since he was born in this very building. This exposition has been on display in the Sabatini building since November 22nd with the intention of showing an extensive selection of the splendor of this artistic movement.

Modern artists and experiences

The exhibit provides visitors with an overview of 70 different works created by outstanding artists such as Juan Gris, Louis Marcoussis, Rafael Barradas, Vicente Huidobro, Albert Gleizes, María Blanchard and Joaquín Torres-García, as well as others.

The cubist leaning exhibit provides you with a new perspective on this movement, broadening your understanding. Without a doubt, the renowned Juan Gris stands out as one of the pillars of this extremely complex artistic movement.

For Gris, Cubism was not a process but rather a spiritual state related to all of the manifestations of contemporary thought. The protagonists were aware of the implications of their experience and that is why cubism is considered the cornerstone of modern art.

However, the views and narratives of the cubist experience are sometimes at odds with each other. Cubism is a vital creative space where times and settings dominate. Although it is both broad and complex, Cubism is a process that unfolded over time with diverse inputs.

This exhibit, which will be on display until the end of 2018, is a great excuse to visit Madrid in the coming months.

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