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La historia del tebeo español en el Museo ABC de Madrid

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"El Capitán Trueno" se podrá ver en la exposición

In Madrid you have the chance to journey through six decades of the 20th century with comic vignettes. You can do so by visiting the exhibit “Historietas del Tebeo 1917-1977” [Comics 1917-1977] where you will find famous characters such as Zipi y Zape, Mortadelo y Filemón, Capitán Trueno and even Tom Thumb.

This exhibit, great for the entire family, consists of 300 works: 180 are original drawings and 120 are comics. It begins in 1917 because that is when TBO was first published, the legendary magazine that gave name to the genre and marked the childhoods of many. In 1977 a leap was taken with the publication of the magazine Tótem containing comics for adults and that is why it was chosen as the endpoint for the exhibit.

Art Among Speech Bubbles

The originals are authentic works of art; with fountain pens, paintbrushes and lots of India ink blank pages were filled with characters, vignettes and speech bubbles. Comic artists also had correction fluid on hand in case they needed to make corrections.

The exhibit is divided into three sections. First there is a timeline that discusses the origins and the progression of comics as well as their context. The second section is entitled ““Géneros, personajes y autores” [Genres, characters and authors]. In this section, you will find comics filled with humor, romance and adventure and even some institutional themes (politics and religion). This third section is entitled “Intimidades del tebeo” [The Intimacy of Comics], dedicated to the creation and format of the various types of comics, including foreign comics.

The organizers are also offering workshops for children between the ages of six and twelve. As you can see, you have a perfect excuse to come to Madrid and make the most of your trip by doing some sightseeing. You don’t have to travel far to have a great time since this exhibit is on display in the center of Madrid at the Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración (Calle Amaniel, 29) until February 25, 2018.

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