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Los teatros de Madrid: unos de los indicadores de que hemos elegido bien nuestro hotel

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Teatro Reina Victoria

When you plan a getaway and you have chosen your destination, you must then select your lodgings. In the global era in which we live, it’s easy to do so, or so it seems. Travel experts recommend always taking into account, as one reference among many, the hotel’s proximity to the most important theaters and cinemas. What is there to be said if you’ve chosen a city like Madrid?

In the case of extremely cultural-rich capital cities, this tip is not just a recommendation, it’s a requirement.

When you visit Madrid, you must visit its theaters

In addition to the hundreds of activities you will find during your stay in Madrid, you will be surprised by the cultural activities offered by a city in which contrasts abound and it would appear, never sleeps.

A cultural reference in Europe, as the evening sets in and you take a stroll around the city you must visit its theaters. The options are all appealing and you won’t know which show to choose. An aesthetic you will never be able to forget and a contrast in an unusual city: classical and stately versus pure modernity just across the street.

Stay in the heart of the city’s theater district

For this and for thousands of other reasons, the area surrounding Puerta del Sol continues to be a favorite spot for those who don’t want to miss the cities beat when the lights come on and the nightlife of one of the most vibrant cities in Europe begins.

The reason is none other than its proximity to the city’s main cinemas and theaters, such as the Rialto, one of the most historic of the cultural landscape and which, in March will be featuring concerts given by the Golden Apple Quartet.

Come visit Madrid and stay on its most theatric area and, be careful, because the pulse that beats there traps travelers from across the globe.

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