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Platos típicos de Madrid (VI): torrijas de Semana Santa

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Torrija en el Café Europa
We are right in the middle of Madrid’s Holy Week. In addition to attending the processions and cultural activities — the city’s main attractions this time of year — you must try some of the traditional delicacies served in Madrid around Easter. We are talking about torrijas, Spanish-style French toast, which in this case is not a dish exclusive to Spain’s capital but it is one of the city’s specialties.

Madrid’s torrijas date back several centuries

This delicious dessert was first mentioned in the 17th century, specifically by the Spanish composer, Juan de la Encina. Several centuries later, this exquisite delicacy has stood the test of time as the main ingredients have remained the same: milk, bread and eggs.

Simple ingredients which, despite many innovations, continue to be the foundation of this dessert. Torrijas are revered, even in the kitchens of some of the most highly-respected and decorated chefs.

However, those of us who love Spanish cuisine in general and, more specifically, that of Madrid, likely prefer the traditional recipe: a slice of bread soaked in milk and then fried in olive oil. These battered slices of bread are finished off with honey or simply cinnamon and sugar.

Holy week is the best time of year to enjoy torrijas.

Although many places have joined the trend of offering torrijas year round as a result of the unprecedented resurgence of this dessert, many prefer to maintain the tradition of offering them only during Lent and Holy Week.

If you are drooling after reading this post, take note, the smell of torrijas, cinnamon and honey is already wafting from the hotel’s café and restaurant in Madrid.

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