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Las pinturas más delicadas del Prado

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Did you know that the Museo del Prado, in addition to having an extraordinary collection of oil paintings for which it is world renown, has an extensive selection of paintings on slate and white marble from the Italian Renaissance?

The exhibition, which was inaugurated just yesterday and will be open until August 5th, exclusively displays these fragile works of art by magnificent artists such as Tiziano, Sabastiano del Piombo and the Bassano Family. The pieces show the importance placed on the natural environment, achieving new effects with paint and the concept of immortality. This is one of the most interesting exhibits the Museo del Prado has scheduled for this year.

To share the artistic value of these unique works with the general public, the Friends of the Museo del Prado Foundation is holding a conference entitled In Lapide Depictum today, April 18th, at 12:00 PM. During her talk, Ana González Mozo will discuss paintings executed on stone and the change in artistic techniques that occurred during the early decades of the 16th century.

Plan your visit

General admission costs €15 although large families and senior citizens aged 65 and older receive a 50% discount, paying only €7.50. In addition, admission is free for children under 18, students under 25 and disabled persons.

Visiting Madrid in the springtime is not only a great choice given the wonderful weather and the beauty of its parks in full bloom, but also because it is the start of the cultural season. As a result, you have the opportunity to visit exhibits like this exceptional collection of Renaissance art on stone and marble and, last week’s topic of discussion, the Rubens sketches, also at the Prado.

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