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Madrid acoge una muestra internacional sobre Auschwitz

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There are just a few more weeks during which you can visit an interesting exhibit on Auschwitz which is on display at the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal until June 17th. This spacious exhibit hall, located in the Castellana area of Madrid directly accessible from the Puerta del Sol, promotes many cultural, artistic, historical and scientific activities. The exhibit, which is scheduled to travel the world over a period of seven years, will be making its only appearance in Spain here.

Auschwitz, an exhibit with significant history

Auschwitz has become a symbol of the tragedy that befell millions of people who suffered at the hands of the Nazis. It was the largest concentration and death camp run by the SS. Thousands of people were murdered daily at the camp, which was located in German-occupied Polish territory. It was declared Heritage of Humanity because it is a major symbol of the Jewish Holocaust and because it is a reference from which to learn from past mistakes.

As a visitor to the museum you can see more than 600 objects that were removed from the Auschwitz complex up close and for the first time since these nefarious events occurred. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, as well as other museums, institutions and private collections collaborated by loaning material t this traveling exhibit. Many of the artifacts are the prisoners’ personal items which were taken from them when they arrived at the concentration camps: glasses, suitcases, clothing, etc. You can also see the striped uniforms and boots of prisoners who lost their lives.

Auschwitz is a truly moving exhibit that stirs your conscience and from which you won’t walk away untouched. It is a great opportunity for people in Madrid to learn about one of the darkest episodes in history and it serves as a reminder that we mustn’t repeat the same hate-driven mistakes. Undoubtedly, an exhibit that invites reflection.

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