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La Muñeca de Porcelana, una obra sobre el poder del dinero

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Obra de teatro Muñeca de Porcelana

Can you imagine receiving a call that changes your life forever? That is exactly what happens to the main character in “China Doll”, a play you can see at the Teatro Bellas Artes.

It’s a drama directed by Juan Carlos Rubio and staring José Sacristán and Javier Godino. The play, by David Mamet, tells the story of a multimillionaire who trains a promising young man to take over his business when he retires. On his last day in the business world, he decides to purchase a jet as a wedding gift for his fiancée, although a very important phone call leads to an unexpected twist in the plot.

A journey into the depths of power

“China Doll” will be in Madrid until May 27th. It’s a unique opportunity since Spain was chosen as the first country in which the play would premier after the United States and it has a terrific cast, with stage icons like José Sacristan whose six-decade career makes him a living legend in the Spanish theater world.

“This character has weight; he is a boor and I like his insolence and cheek. For me, it was a test to do it after Al Pacino interpreted the role on Broadway” said the actor in an interview with El Mundo’s magazine, Metropoli.

The Teatro Bellas Artes is located on Calle Marqués de Casa Riera, next to Calle Alcalá and just a 10-minute walk from our hotel. There are shows Tuesday through Sunday at different times and tickets cost between €22 and €26.

If you’d like to enjoy an afternoon of theater in Madrid, don’t let the opportunity to see this acerbic play about the cesspool of power pass you by.

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