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Las grandes exposiciones de fotografía vuelven a Madrid un año más con PhotoEspaña 2018

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If you are passionate about the world of photography and the visual arts, you’re in luck. For another year Madrid is hosting an international Festival where you can enjoy everything related to photography, prints and painting — in short, the visual arts.

The art of freezing reality

At this international festival, PHotoEspaña 2018, you can take in exceptional exhibits from the most prestigious museums, numerous exhibit halls and various art galleries. Not only will you get to see the latest trends in this avant-garde world, you will also be able to enjoy projects from the most popular international artists.

They say photography is the art of capturing reality, of freezing a moment for eternity. PHotoEspaña offers some 20 activities at various locations, the opportunity to enjoy more than 500 national and international artists and around 100 exhibits — a well-rounded festival that won’t leave you wanting for anything.

Last year was the 20th anniversary which was celebrated with fabulous innovative ideas and impressive investments, the results of which can be seen at this year’s festival.

There will even be a contest in which some of the many participants will vie for different prizes and awards for their art. Nothing is better than being awarded for what you enjoy doing, right? Therefore, the contest will be divided into two different branches: the official branch and the Festival Off. The goal is none other than to promote the art of photography and awaken the interest of the largest audience possible.

Thus, from June 6 to August 26 you have a date with PHotoEspaña in Madrid which you can easily reach by taking the Madrid metro to the Callao or the Ópera stations, free of charge. Don’t miss it!

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