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Los veranos de la Villa 2018, una nueva cita estival con la cultura y la diversión en Madrid

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Veranos de la Villa 2018

When we talk about Veranos de la Villa, we are talking about a huge event in Madrid that, in addition to the city’s central district, is held in 21 other districts. The lineup is replete with activities that make the already incomparable touristic draw of the Spanish capital even more magnetic.

Are you ready to attend the best pop, classical, jazz, electronica and flamenco concerts? No one can resist a cultural date that also includes sporting, circus and dance events, with a schedule that includes well-known acts; acts that can’t miss out on the city’s most authentic cultural events.

Summer is the best time in Madrid, at least for those who want to make the most of their visit and enjoy the best cultural events. The summer months are full of cultural events and no expense is spared on spaces. You can see the complete schedule at Check it out, it’s the best way not to miss even a single event during your stay in Madrid.

By the way, this initiative comes about every year from the need to promote coexistence and make the most of the spaces offered by Spain’s capital. An interesting schedule that takes you around to the various outdoor movie theaters scattered throughout the city where you can view the movies being shown. The concerts are not just flamenco concerts, there will also be well-known, international and national, artists.

Russian ballet, Spanish opera and street theater are some of the activities that captivate audiences year after year.

For a few months, the streets of Madrid become an immense stage where art, in all of its forms, is accessible to all visitors. Welcome to culture in its purest state.

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