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No te creerás lo atractivo que es visitar Madrid en Agosto: te lo contamos

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Verbena en Madrid, foto de Gaelx en Flickr

Although it may appear that Madrid empties out in August, more people than you imagine prefer to remain in Spain’s capital. You might even be surprised to know how many tourists take advantage of the month of August to visit the country’s capital. The only downside is the heat which is customary for this time of the year because, in every other way, it remains as attractive as or more so than the rest of the year. Take note.

Madrid in August or the agenda that doesn’t stop

Despite the high temperatures, something the city is entirely prepared to handle, a visit to Madrid during this time of the year has many upsides: You don’t have to wait in lines, so say goodbye to crowds. Stroll down the city’s avenues and enjoy the evenings on Madrid’s terraces, a luxury for the senses. These are just a few examples.

An incredible agenda

In addition to a ride on the city’s touristic bus which continues to operate in the month of August, visiting the city’s biggest museums, such as the Prado or the Thyssen Bornemisza, will delight those who arrive in the city with cultural plans.

The theaters along the Gran Vía continue to put on shows which you can enjoy during your stay in the city, whether you are coming for business or for pleasure. What better plan for an evening than to end the day seeing a play?

In addition, every year, the Veranos de la Villa offer an extensive cultural agenda including a variety of performing arts events at numerous venues, including the streets of Madrid at sunset.

Visiting Madrid in August continues to be a luxury for the senses with an attractive agenda filled with cultural and leisure activities that you can peruse on Madrid’s tourism website. Prepare to close your suitcase because you are going to decide in just one click.

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