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Madrid quiere que bailes en la calle

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The summers in Madrid are not the same since the Veranos de la Villa. Thanks to this event which began in 2007, the Spanish capital is filled with activities of all types, capable of satisfying everyone’s tastes.

Including mainly performing arts and music, as we said a few weeks ago, its cultural events fill Madrid’s streets from June 29th until September 2nd. We’re going to tell you about one of the most remarkable activities!

Dancing in the street in….Madrid?

Surely there have been many occasions when, suddenly, you realize you’re dancing in the middle of the street like a crazy person. Music has that power. It transports you to another place, to other times, to another you. Its evocative power is unstoppable.

Based on the intrinsic power of music and dance, Veranos de la Villa has organized Dance in the Street. You can enjoy this unique event together with thousands of other people of all ages in which all rhythms converge to evoke one emotion: happiness. Chotis, pasodobles, mambos and merengues… it will be impossible to keep your feet still!

This year Madrid’s Alcatraz orchestra is in charge of the music. This group is a classic of the genre with more than 40 years of experience, having traveled the world leaving movement and dance in its wake wherever it goes. Without a doubt, a fabulous opportunity to enjoy the group and its music.

The event will take place on Saturday, August 25th on Calle Bailén and you can get there by taking the metro to the Ópera stop, by bus or biciMAD. Are you going to miss Madrid dancing?

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