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Madrid: Gallaeci Exhibit

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Castro Santa Tecla A Guarda

If you’re up for a unique fall plan for the entire family in Madrid the Gallaeci exhibition at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional is just the thing. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Galicia or just to do something different.

The exhibit on the Gallaeci

The idea behind the exhibit is to help you learn about the prehistory of the Gallaeci from archaeological artifacts that have been found. The timeline of the exhibit starts at the Bronze Age and ends at the dawn of Christianity since the idea is to explain the transformation of these people until Romanization arrived. You will learn about the evolution of these people, since you will be taking a historical journey through the various stages that influenced the Roman assimilation.

Although you will find references to all of Galicia, special mention is made of the architectural heritage of the Rías Baixas and areas such as the Castro of Santa Trega. The range of objects will be comprehensive because, together with the Museo Arqueológico Nacional, the Provincial Government of Pontevedra is co-organizing the exhibit.

Another point we think is worth highlighting is that this exhibit is designed for all audiences given its significant educational value. Children won’t be bored because they will discover interesting artifacts and those of you who already have a cultural foundation, will be able to better understand the historical evolution of pre-Roman Galicia. A trip to the origins of this region of Spain, as well as the dawn of the history of our species.

The Museo Arqueológico Nacional is located at Calle Serrano 13 in Madrid and is easily accessible from the hotel. You can take the metro from the Puerta del Sol station to either Retiro or Serrano. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday and admission is free for all.

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