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The Robot Museum, a unique space in Madrid

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The Robot Museum

The Robot Museum, located in Madrid, is one-of-a-kind in Europe and is dedicated to exhibits on all types of robot. In the next section we will tell you all about its features and its permanent collection.

An exploration of the History of Robotics

Daniel Bayón came up with the idea for this project which is focused on entertainment robots for people of all ages. The collection is impressive and helps you discover the history of robotics, its current state and even its future.

Fun fact: the museum has the largest variety of robot dogs in all of Europe! You can also have fun with NAO, the humanoid robot which has received many awards for its realism. Another star of the museum is RoboQ, the smallest entertainment robot in the world. Moreover, it is the perfect meeting point for Star Wars fans. The museum has a number of replicas of the most famous robots from this epic series.

Where is the museum?

This cultural space is located at Calle Alberto Aguilera 1. If you take the metro, take line 2 or 4 and get off at the San Bernardo station. Remember, the museum is open from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

In addition, guests are offered a variety of options depending on who is visiting the museum. As is to be expected, you’ll only find such a special place in Madrid. Don’t forget to pay a visit during your next trip to Spain’s capital and you’ll undoubtedly feel great about the growing importance of entertainment robots in society. Take advantage of your leisure time in the city and visit this museum!


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