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Halloween in Madrid 2018

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Halloween en Madrid 2018

Tonight is Halloween. The scariest time of the year to have a blast with your friends in Madrid. The Spanish capital offers a multitude of special activities, parties and events to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve. From vampires to zombies, to ghosts to spirits… on Halloween anything is possible, and that’s why we encourage you to add a touch of “fear” to your trip to the capital.

Halloween Events in Madrid

One of the most important events of Halloween night is held at Madrid’s Amusement Park. To celebrate this holiday, you can attend a terrifying live show. With thousands of visitors every year, this show has specifically been awarded the prize for the best Halloween celebration.

For the entire family

Tonight there are numerous events to enjoy with the family, both in the center of Madrid and in the surrounding areas. One of these activities is La Casa del Fantasma (The Ghost’s House). A dinner show during which you have to help a child stop being a ghost. A frightening and fun event with bouncy houses. Another option is El Barco de la Bruja (The Witch’s Boat) in Aranjuez. A show for children and adults performed on a boat as you glide down the river. Your mission is to make sure the witch doesn’t board the boat!

For adults

Not all events are for kids on Halloween. There are also many events for adults to enjoy. One option is the Panicbus, a terrifying bus ride with all kinds of surprises. Another option is Madrid Movie, an escape game played in the streets around the city center. All in all, there are many plans for your enjoyment.

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