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Naviluz: The Christmas Bus

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Naviluz, el bus de Navidad

Christmas is associated with light and colours. One of the main elements that can’t be missing are the different street decorations. In Madrid the Christmas decorations include pine trees, wreath, and of course the traditional lights of this time of year.

Once again, great designers such as Teresa Sapey, Purificación García, Ben Busche, Roberto Turégano, Victorio & Lucchino, Adolfo Domínguez and Sergio Sebastián, display their talent on the most emblematic streets of Madrid in the shape of Christmas lights. There is no need to worry about the environment because the lighting is low-power LED technology to maintain greater efficiency.

Madrid’s City Council has created a touristic bus called Naviluz for everyone to enjoy the beautiful lights that run through the main streets of the city. It is an open-top double-decker bus perfect to enjoy the starry night full of lights. Remember to wear warm clothes to enjoy the experience!

Naviluz is the perfect option to get to know the city and travel through the most important streets in Madrid history, with the added thrill of the Christmas lights. The bus tour is ideal for families with small children as it is a convenient option to show them the city, without having to walk many kilometers. It is also free for children under the age of 7.

The tour lasts approximately 40 minutes and the bus route starts from Calle Serrano, Puerta de Alcalá, Cibeles, Alcalá, Gran Vía, Callao, Jacometrezo, Santo Domingo, San Bernardo, Gran Vía, Alcalá, Cibeles, Puerta de Alcalá, Velázquez, Ortega y Gasset y Serrano. The only stop for access and descent is located in Plaza de Colón (C/ Serrano opposite nº 30).

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