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Unforgettable New Year’s Eve at Puerta del Sol

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All countries have their traditions to welcome the New Year. Spain is not far behind! Since the 20th century there has been a tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight on 31 December. The origin of this tradition is not known with certainty; but it is said that it could be a custom imported from France where it was common to celebrate the New Year with champagne and grapes. Another theory says that in 1909 there was a surplus of grapes and the farmers gave away bunches at Puerta del Sol, giving rise to this peculiar custom.

Although we do not know with certainty how it originated, every December 31st, at Puerta del Sol, the clock marks the pace to eat each one of the twelve grapes, one per chime. This unforgettable event brings out the best of each person. By the end of the 12 chimes, the square is filled with positive emotions.

If you are walking around Madrid, and even if you are from Madrid, but you have never lived New Year’s Eve at Puerta del Sol; this year will be extra special because the clock will chime twice. To bring us closer to the Canary Islands, which receive the year one hour after the peninsula, it was agreed to ring the bells at 12am and then at 1am, so you will have the opportunity to live the new year twice.

Remember that this is the event of the year, so you should arrive early because,  for security reasons, you may not have easy access if you don’t. The Hotel Europa offers the opportunity to experience this century-old tradition from the top of our balcony next to Puerta del Sol. Book one of our rooms from our website or by calling 915 212 900 and don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.

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