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Banksy Exhibition: The Street Art genius

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Banksy en Madrid

International private collectors, with the collaboration of Lilley Fine Art/Contemporary Art Trader Gallery, have gathered 70 pieces by the genius of Street Art Banksy for an extraordinary exhibition here in Madrid. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, instalments, videos and photographs by the renowned artist. Banksy, whose identity has remained a mystery all these years, has become an icon of contemporary art. A presumably British national, his art has traveled the world and is known for its strong criticism of current society and politics. These include child labor, frustrated idealism, militarism, war and consumerism.

This is the first (unauthorized) exhibition of his works to be held in Spain. Under the title of Banksy. Genius or Vandal? this collection of works includes some of the artist’s most controversial works. Included is the original serigraphy of Girl with a Balloon, a work similar to the one that became famous when it was destroyed by the artist himself during a Sotheby’s London auction. A special audiovisual montage has been created for this exhibition that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the life of this legendary urban artist.

Organized by IQ Art Management and Sold Out, this exhibition promises to be as successful as it was in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where it was visited by more than 500 thousand people. The exhibition’s curator, Alexander Nachkebiya, states that he wants “each visitor to be able to figure out for themselves who Banksy really is: a genius or a hooligan, an artist or a businessman, a troublemaker or a rebel”.

The exhibition takes place at the IFEMA space 5.1 until March 10, 2019. Tickets are available from 12.90 to 14.90 euros for adults and from 5.90 to 7.90 euros for children. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the most famous Street Art pieces of the 21st century.

Image: Love Is In The Air – Banksy

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