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Newly renovated Casa de Campo Lake

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Lago Casa de Campo

Enjoying the outdoors and nature is one of the advantages of living in a city like Madrid. Madrid has an exceptionally large and diverse green heritage, specifically more than 6,000 hectares. This makes it one of the best cities to share with your family outdoors. Casa de Campo Lake is one of those green wonders within this immense city and this year it has reopened to the public. After waiting year, locals and tourists will once again be able to enjoy its ducks and fishes swimming, as well as its bars and restaurants.

The Casa de Campo Lake is a renaissance artificial pond located within the largest park in Madrid that gives it its name, which was declared Bien de Interés Cultural, or Cultural Heritage, in 2010. It was commissioned by Philip II and originally built in 1560 by the architect Juan Bautista de Toledo. It has an area of 80,150 square meters and is surrounded by various trees and vegetation. In addition, it has a viewpoint from where you can enjoy the views of the lake.

It has a recreational pier to navigate in one of the 68 boats. Additionally, it is equipped for sports such as canoeing, kayaking, sport fishing and Olympic rowing, among others.

In order to enjoy this, spring or summer are not necessary as Madrid is very sunny, even in winter. This makes any season a perfect time to take a stroll along the shore of the lake, sit down for a hot drink or even eat in some of the bars and enjoy the breathtaking views of Madrid.

The Casa de Campo Lake is located on line 10 of the Metro, at the Lago stop. It is very close to the Manuel Ortego Entomological Center and the Zoo, for all those who are interested in insects and animals.


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